Thursday, July 22, 2010

Struggle University.

The life on the road vs the life back home. Or, Standard Living vs Real Life. I've always considered "real life" as such things as working a job to get by or paying bills or being in a relationship. But, realistically, that is far from what we should consider real life. Real life is what helps us cope with "the standard." Or, STO. Standard Living Organization. Most people in the so-called creative world seem to be searching for some kind of utopia. A place where we want to get paid for what ever the fuck we want to do and believe we can because we think we're better then the next person and should get paid to do what ever the fuck we want to do because we're "creative." Maybe we have achieved that "utopia." I know a lot of people who get paid to do what they want. They're not making millions of dollars but they're also not paying off mortgages. But we still complain. If someone lived in the middle of nowhere and didn't pay bills, didn't work and was living "the life" they would probably still complain. what the fuck? Is this human nature? Or maybe its something the western mind has adapted to because of popular influence. Judging people because others are judging people because of personal insecurities. Conformity is secure and successful. We're not ready for utopia. It's a good thing we're not dealing with drought and famine and plagues.